Places4us.com web virtual assistant service was born with the idea and the need of assisting and inspiring SO-HO owners and entrepreneurs on their daily tasks by providing customized start-up assistance, office help and marketing/ promotional affordable solutions.

Here to provide cost and time efficient high quality administrative consulting and services to business owners and professionals. My clients/partners benefit from having the support they need, when they need it.


20 years pl4us

My personal story:

“25 years ago my husband and I decided to open a small manufacturing business. A business plan was created, facilities and equipment have been acquired, and employees have been hired.

What we were not aware of is the time and energy required to run the business on budget, especially the first 2 years and keep supplying to demand by producing our equipment.

During this time, my husband was overseeing production and supply while designing and improving the product. Myself I was assigned to take care of the daily smooth running of the business.

My job included but not limited to maintain books, run the HR, A/P, A/R, Payroll, training, hiring and legal paperwork and reporting. Company’s marketing material development, creation was also left to my decision.

I have spent long nights researching and purchasing software, programs and consulting with others regarding the right settings for this company. By trial and error I arrived to my selections and choices in what could be used and what was a match to our manufacturing business.”

With 20+ years experience in administration I can support your needs providing a high quality service.

I created this web site and bring today this expertise to you with support and guidance to make these decisions and choices easier on you, the SO-HO owner.

Whether you are searching for a consultant to guide you and help you set up your SO-HO office, or you seek assistance and help virtually to run your SO-HO office, visit Places4us.com and get your 2 hours free consultation to find out how I can help you succeed. Outsource today an experienced consultant for your SO-HO needs, someone to be a part of your team but not your office.

I am here to help with all your SO-HO needs.





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