Xubuntu after few days use

I have been playing around with Linux distros for the past few days. Downloaded and tried multiple flavors.

Here is my take on a few, and the ones I really like.

I have installed Xubuntu LTE on my AspireOne old netbook.



Install was easy with the step by step onscreen navigator and instructions along with a visual quick guide showing what applications come with the install and what you can do with the system.


I was up and running less than 30 minutes (varies depending on USB or CD install; computer processing speed and/ or internet connection speed), and able to start working on a brand new OS.
While installing you can check what to run during install and I got all the updates, upgrades and drivers along with the Wi-Fi and sound card ready by the time system installed.

Once installed,your desktop looks like the image here, very simple and easy to navigate. Toolbar for start menu, icons that can be set different colors and types, windows that can be set to look and feel line WIN or MAC system along with the Linux type formats.


It feels familiar territory to use, navigate the new operating system. The distro comes with plenty of great programs out of the box, even a daily user will have all the applications needed and can add easily other applications through the software center. 

The software center (if you are familiar with smart phones) is a place where you get your apps from and download/ install most for free.

I like this system and will use for a little while to see if encounter any issues. So far runs smooth, all programs that I have installed work perfectly, 

I have some minor issue with the recording sound, I will have to investigate  if it is a driver issue or it is a setup issue. I will also try a separate microphone to use, see if that will take the internal buzz and cancel noises better.

That’s all folks, 

Let me know if you have any questions, or help geting a copy of the OS to try without install see how you like it.