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Personal Assessment:

Self starter
Reliable and independent
Scheduled and organized
Love people and love to help people
Enjoy learning and assessing new skills
Professional and presentable
Positive attitude
Flexible, professional

Fluent in English, Romanian, Hungarian languages.



If you are a referring partner or previous client

Referral fee will be paid as follows:
1) if referral mentions your name when registers;

2) if and when referral finishes the training session. (allow few days to process).

Please contact info@places4us.com for any further questions or concerns about the services.


I LOVE to help small business, solo business owners and entrepreneurs coach them to a successful strategic business launch.

Hi my name is Ramona owner and founder of pLaces4us.com


My personal story:

25 years ago my husband and I decided to open a small manufacturing business. We arrived strangers to this country, language and customs.

We had the passion and desire to better ourselves, our lives, and create a great future to our child.

We grabbed the opportunity when it presented itself, a business plan was created, facilities and equipment acquired, and employees hired.

What we did not know was the time and energy required to run the business on very low budget, and keep supplying the demand for our inventory.

During this time, my husband was overseeing production and supply while designing and improving the product. Myself I was assigned to take care of the daily smooth running of the business.

English was my fifth language, and at that time, barely able to communicate. I made copies of the items needed to be ordered, fax them over to the supplier before would call to place an order.

My job included but not limited to maintain books, run the HR, A/P, A/R, Payroll, training, hiring, legal matters and reporting. I was in charge of creating  the company's marketing material, development, creation along with trade shows and training the newly hired sales team.

I've spent long nights researching about business, taxes, assets, structure, set up, codes and legal matters. Spent time and money purchasing software, programs and consulting with others regarding the right settings for this company.

By trial and error I arrived to a selection and choices that could be used and applied to our manufacturing business.

With 20+ years experience in starting and setting up a small business, marketing, promoting, and managing the daily operations of our manufacturing plant, I can support, guide and train you so you too can achieve your goal and set up your business to a steady financial growth.

I created this web site to bring my expertise to you, support you in making decisions and choices easier and help you navigate your entrepreneurial journey.

Wish you great success,

Szia! (see-ya)


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