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Trying to run the new business on a small budget, get customers, perform customer service and support is taxing on the small business owner.

I provide comprehensive, customized packages, one-on-one training, instructions to create a road map, budgeting, marketing, use of software and programs to a successful start and steady growth of your small business.

The benefit is to familiarize with the tools, programs, systems, internet and get valuable information, hands on experience.

The guarantee behind the services is the training and coaching gives the small business owner a working knowledge, confidence and tools to use right away and apply to a daily operation.

I help you envision in real time and space the business that you are passionate about and the many people who will benefit from your service!

Act and achieve



Types of people I work with:
  • Willing to invest time
  • Willing to invest energy and money to achieve business goals
  • Committed to business growth (or start)
  • Open to trying new approaches
  • Willing to do the work


  1. Dedication
  2. Determination
  3. Desire

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